iPhone = Cake
one home made cake of your choice a month for one year
Ben Whitehouse
in exchange for a vintage iPhone i am offering a made-with-love, 8inch diameter, light as air, mouth watering lemon drizzle sponge cake served with tea from a flask in the park of your choice to be eaten sitting on a blanket while everybody else is at work
Kate Hughes
would you accept, rockie road made with oreos marshmellows, short cake, and chocolate topped with icing sugar?
Jason Tsang
Chocolate Beer cake made with Stout of your choice covered in chocolate icing and topped with walnuts
Dave Harte
Banana Loaf Cake -Standard 14” loaf pan - Sweetened with Golden Syrup - tang of lemon & hint of ginger. Disqualified for being in Canada. Would have been in the lead though (hint).
a tray of chocolate, almond brownies (with optional choc sauce) @benjibrum says they’re the best ever - & he knows.
OK, Triple choc, three layer cake with buttercream icing filling, and hand piped funky stuff on top.
i bid one home-made carrot cake with unusual icing. in cake trumps, that beats swiss roll.
A box of swiss rolls and a packet of custard creams
Martin Fearn
3 swiss rolls (in date)